G’day! Welcome to my little corner of blogland.

I'm Grace, the girl behind this blog and I live in sunny Australia.
I bake. I taste-test. I style food. I photograph. Then I blog about my experiences. I love it. I'm more of a baker than a cook, but I do enjoy cooking every now and again - provided I'm wearing gloves when touching raw meat! You'll probably only see baked goods here on the blog (I mean, cakes, chocolate and decadent sweets are much prettier to look at and photograph, right?). The kitchen is my happy place and I'd much rather wash a Mount-Everest of dishes after baking than clean toilets, hang out the washing, or even watch tv.

For the longest time, I wasn't a big cookbook person and owned only one or two cookbooks (I know. Shocking.). Pinterest and magazines provided me with many interesting recipes to bake and my local library has an extensive range of awesome cookbooks, which I make very good use of. However, I've recently discovered the joy of owning cookbooks and my collection is steadily growing. There's nothing like sitting curled up in bed on a cold, rainy day flipping through a cookbook and drooling over all the lovely pictures. Sipping a hot cup of tea meanwhile is compulsory. Cookbooks aren't the only books I love; most of my childhood days were spent reading or at the local library checking out books to borrow. So I like to think books are part of my veins. And don't tell anyone, but kid's picture books still fascinate me and I'd much rather read through them than adult fiction. Kid's books are the best.

If I'm not baking or photographing, I enjoy reading, music, and hanging out with friends. In summer, the beach at sunset is one of my favourite places to be. I love anything vintage, lacy or nautical; but bright, bold colours don't tickle my fancy. Shopping and sales are my weak-points. Fat babies (and little people in general) have a special spot in my heart. I'm a Christian, a sinner saved by God's grace. Organisation, cleaning, party-planning, and list-making is something I find quite enjoyable (I even love doing housework...sometimes... shhhh).

Despite this blog's focus and all the sugar-saturated food I bake and photograph, I am rather health-conscious. I pour over food labels and often keep a close eye on what goes into my body. Salads are the most amazing food invented (provided they have some sort of protein included, of course) and fast food, pizza or McDonald's don't really appeal to me. But I also believe balance is crucial too… so I occasionally indulge in foods like Cadbury Creme Easter Eggs. Because they're ah-mazing.


  1. Great blog, I came over from Pinterest. The sweet and fluffy rolls got me. And you're a Believer, too! I'm sending God's BIGGEST blessings to you from sweltering Dallas, TX. Keep on cookin! Peace and blessings, Beth

  2. I just tried your feta spinach pancakes.. delish! I drizzled a little bit of honey for a slight sweetness. They came out great!!! I would post a photo but mine were not as pretty as yours. thanks for the recipe! ~ Marla from NY ~ USA :}

  3. I love just how open and bold you are about your faith, you rock Grace!!! Totally agree about our worth in Christ Jesus. You are a really talented cook and I look forward to reading (and drooling!) along with you as you continue your blogging journey! God bless x