Friday, 3 July 2015

rice paper salad rolls

“I’ve just completed a 45-minute workout and now my muscles HURT. I’ll reward my hard work with a post-workout pizza and a hefty slice of cake now.”

How many of you do that? You work out yourselves to the point of exhaustion to lose weight/remain fit, then reward your efforts by indulging in unhealthy pleasures that are calorie-dense, or high in fats and sugar - such as pizza, takeaway food or sweets – and thus making your workout of no real benefit. Further, you justify your junk food consumption by telling yourself that you deserved such pleasures after a hard workout.

Come dinnertime, you may regret your I’ll-eat-a-whole-pizza-for-lunch decision and decide to be “healthy” that night by consuming a salad. Next day, you workout again, eat an excessively large, unhealthy meal afterwards and regret your actions by dinnertime, thus the salad option yet again.

You’d be surprised how many times I hear people doing the above. If you’re wanting to achieve a goal weight or live a healthy lifestyle, it’ll take you in circles. It just makes my head rotate. And okay, maybe it frustrates me a little too.

Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, people. It’s not just obtained by walking every once in a while. It’s not achieved by going to the gym once a month. And my personal favorite – being healthy is not by simply eating a salad for lunch!

*gets off soapbox*

Can you tell this is a passion of mine?

One thing I do recommend for people who are wanting to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, is by setting a program for yourself and by surrounding yourself with other people who are dedicated to maintaining their health and fitness levels too. Life of Chi retreats do just that. Not only are you surrounded by other people dedicated to health and wellbeing, but they also have qualified health professionals who will help you reach your goals. No unhealthy diet plans or unsafe diet options. Excellent idea, no?

All this talk about healthy brings me to these rice paper rolls. I get requests for them three times a week on average.* They’re like sushi, but are a healthier option and are much lower in sodium which is why I love them. There’s a wide variety of fillings you can use - tuna, salmon, prawns and chicken are good options if you’re like me and love your protein; avocadoes, hummus and mayo add creaminess and cabbage, lettuce, corn and celery are just some salad options you can use. I like rice in mine too – brown, basmati and short grain all work well. Protein + carbs + salad = a healthy, balanced meal in bite-sized packages.

*Number is approximate.

Have a play round with these. They’re best consumed immediately, but they’ll last up to 24 hours when individually wrapped in baking paper and placed in an airtight container in the fridge.

I can't give you a specific recipe for these simply because I never follow a set recipe for these (and even if I did, quantities would be next to impossible as it all comes down to personal taste), but here are some options I love:

-Shredded chicken, avocado slice and brown rice
-Shredded chicken, basmati rice, sweet chili sauce and corn
-Cooked prawn, rice, mayo and sweet chili
-Tuna, mayo, rice and lettuce
-Tuna, avocado and carrot
-Smoked salmon, mayo, carrot and rice
-Lettuce, carrot, red capsicum and corn
-Lettuce, carrot, rice and mayo

Simply have your veggies all finely chopped, your meats cooked and ready to use, your rice cooked and cooled, and your rice paper wrappers prepared according to package directions. Collect your condiments then let the wrapping begin!

This post has been sponsored by Life of Chi. All opinions are my own.


  1. These look so fresh and yummy! Great alternative to sushi :)

  2. I totally agree that being healthy is a lifestyle! And these rice paper salad rolls would be an excellent meal - I tend to stuff mine with the same fillings all the time though (vermicelli, capsicum, carrot, cashews and mint). Going to try out some of your salad filling suggestions!

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  4. I just wholly go along who increasingly being strong can be described as life! Not to mention such rice daily news salad goes is going to be an incredible dining event : I just typically items my aided by the comparable fillings always despite the fact,vermicelli, capsicum, carrot, cashews not to mention mint. Running to test out a handful of a salad sealing concepts!