Tuesday, 21 April 2015

busy busy

It's been a little quiet here on the blogging front. Do you miss me? (I'm secretly hoping so, though I highly doubt it). My posts and recipes seem to be getting less frequent, do they not?

Let me assure you, a little quiet is most definitely not what's it been like here for the last couple of weeks. Here at butter & jam headquarters, it's been busy busy busy.

Last week, we celebrated a birthday. I had planned a much fancier cake but as time wasn't on my side, I settled on what could've been the quickest, easiest and tastiest cake ever made: a doughnut stack cake. Simply adding a bunting and using a vintage cake stand brought the cake to life.

This week, I've pretty much lived in my kitchen as I'm trying out new recipes and baking old favourites in preparation for my upcoming market stall. My lounge room is a mess; my dining table is stacked high with boxes and props to take to the market and groceries and bags of oats are stuffed into every possible nook and cranny in my teeny housie. I own more mason jars now that I ever did in my entire lifetime and have painstakingly washed and throughly dried every one. Not mentioning, there are 2 kilograms of butter currently sitting in my fridge waiting to be used.
I have lost count how many times I've asked my patient family questions like "what would you buy if you went to a market day?" or "how much would you pay for a jar of salted caramel?" or "which size jar should I put this in?" so many times that I'm sure I've fried their brains twice over.

Preparing for these markets has been very tiring, yes. It's been exhausting, yes. But it's been fun. It's been enjoyable and I am looking forward to meeting people (that's you!) and bringing a smile to their face by the consumption of sugary treats. I'll have a couple of raw and sugar-free treats for the health-conscious and rich, sugary sweets for the not-so health-conscious. I'll have pretty goods in mason jars that will make excellent gifts (Mother's Day is coming up, you guys) and cakes and slices for you to sample from.

So come down to the Wedderburn Christian Campsite this Saturday, 25th. The markets start at 10am and wrap up around 2 (though you'll need to be there early to ensure you get what you're after). Lots of other stalls will be there on the day, there will be activities for the kids and lots of yummy Dutch food will be available to purchase. Dutch doughnuts (ollibollens) and croquets are my absolute faaaves.

It's a fundraiser market day, so a portion of the money raised will go towards the work the campsite is doing amongst young people, older people, and people right in the middle.

The address is 208 Minerva Road, Wedderburn, NSW. This is not something you want to miss, people!

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