Thursday, 20 November 2014

Christmas Pudding Cake Pop Cones

Christmas is already almost upon is! Every year Christmas creeps up on me and surprises me without fail. You’d think I’d begin to get used to it creeping up on me like that, but no. It still takes me by surprise every year.

I’m not much of a person who bakes because it’s the ‘right season’ (I’ve made summer-type salads in the middle of winter and hot cross buns when it’s nowhere near Easter), but Christmas is one time of year in which I enjoy baking Christmas-related goodies.

These cake pop cones are a lot easier to make than the traditional cake pop and are a lot more sturdy. And in my opinion, they're more fun to make and eat!

Start by baking, cooling, then destroying a cake. Any recipe usually works fine - even a packet mix. I used a red velvet recipe, then mixed in ganache to make the mixture moist and easier to handle. Ready-made frosting works well too.

Roll your cake crumbs into golf-sized balls. I then sit the balls on a silicone cake pop tray to help them keep their shape. Refrigerate for about half an hour to harden slightly.

Now for the fun bit: assembly! I filled my cones with M&Ms (this step is optional, but it's a nice addition), then coated the inside rim of the cone with melted chocolate. Working quickly, place the cake ball firmly into place.

[Pleeeease excuse the horrible late-afternoon loungeroom photos.]

Egg cartons are an excellent cake-pop-cone holder. Or you can even place the cones upside down in the cake pop tray. Both work just as well.

Pop them back into the fridge for another 20 minutes or so to let the chocolate harden. Dip the cones into melted chocolate, place into your egg cartons then refrigerate! Again.

Once the chocolate has hardened, I drizzled white chocolate on top then finished with 2 m&ms to give it the Christmas Pudding look. Then - you guessed it! - it's back into the fridge for the chocolate to harden one final time.


  1. I LOVE this recipe and its my FAVOURITE recipe of yours so far!!!! i'm so gonna try it out!!!! It would be a great Christmas gift for my friends at church!!!!!

  2. These are adorable! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am pinning these and following you now! You have some great looking recipes! :)