Saturday, 30 November 2013

::a wonderful vintage event:: {and the reason for my unexpected absense}

Well, hello there! Let's dust those cobwebs away and get rid of these tumbleweeds, shall we? It's been a while! Thank you to those of you that are actually still following my blog and are reading this. Y'all deserve a pat on the back!

So, um... it's been an age! You may have noticed that my posts have become fewer and more infrequent.

What's been happening here, you ask? Well, life has been busy. That's how it's always been, really. However one major reason of our extra-business, was the fact that a special someone {um.. *ahem* ... me} turned eighteen! Yes... I'm an old responsible adult now and can vote, drink, and legally purchase knives. Not that I want to do the latter two but it's a good feeling knowing I'm able to, should I ever have the {slightly odd} sudden urge to do so.

So we celebrated! And by celebrate, I mean with having an immense amount of fun, food, and laughs. Oh, and photo-taking and vintage decorations. Of course.

Months of preparation, organisation, stress, list-making, and Pinterest-scouring all paid off. I was right in my league doing all that and had such fun organising every little detail. Jars and old tin cans were collected. Flowers were purchased and arranged. Paper garlands were sewn. Doily buntings were created. Cupcakes were baked and decorated. Invitations were made and sent out. Lists were written and rewritten.

The party was a huge success and would not have been that way, had it not been for all the wonderful people who helped out along the way. Even the weatherman who was predicting rain all week didn't spoil the fun. The rain held off til just after my party ended which was a huge blessing!

*insert musical notes* Theeeeseee are a few of my favourite thingssss...
I had collected bits and pieces of things I loved and set this table up in the entrance, which also doubled as the guest-book and gifts table.
You guys. Don't for a moment underestimate the immense amount of fun this girl had in putting this all together. Collecting vintage books, crockery, jewellery, and other bits and pieces I love and putting them all together? Pure.awesome.

As you know, I love Converse, anything nautical, baking {hence the crockery, duh}, jewellery, dresses, books, photography, anything vintage, friends... the list goes on. See if you can spot a token of each! And of course I had to include my favourite verse from Job 15:25, "For I know that my Redeemer lives and at in the end He shall stand upon the earth." Isn't that just amazing??!

Check out the food everyone helped make! The tables literally were groaning with mini cheesecakes, tarts, pies, fruit, cupcakes, sandwiches, dips... you name it, it was probably there.

And this was my guestbook. I had pre-cut pieces of paper, and had paper tape and coloured pens available. I loved this idea as the creativity of each person really shined through.

See the fabric garland and the table runner? Yeah, they're made from vintage bedsheets that I scored from the opshop for $2 each. Shhh.

The cake! Boy oh boy, the cake. The sugar.

I made two dark chocolate mudcakes, covered each with white chocolate ganache, and stacked them. I stuck a couple of skewers through both cakes to make sure the cake didn't move, and budge it did not. It was solid as a brick house, that thing. I twisted raffia along the bottom of the cake and put together the very simple bouquet on top. The three flowers cost me $1 each, and the leafy things didn't cost much more either. Voila! A beautiful cake on a budget. Who says pretty things have to be expensive?
The 18 is actually sparklers that I covered with pearls and left unlit. Because really, who wants to eat cake that's covered in spit due to blowing out candles? Not me thankyouverymuch.

And no gathering is a party without a photobooth. This was probably the highlight of my party and everyone had a great deal of fun + laughs. Photobooths, I found, are also a great way to encourage people to take pictures at a party. Have you ever been to a party and taken your camera along, only to neglect taking photos simply because 'it's embarrassing to do so' or because 'you didn't feel like it', only to come home and regret not having taken photos? Yeah, me too.

Having a photobooth not just meant that hundreds of photos were taken, but also that everyone had a great deal of fun in doing so!

And then we cut the cake {and, yes, I was summoned to give a speech up on stage in front of everyone. I did okay, I think...}

And then the wonderful day ended. Everyone pitched in to help clean up, leftover food was refridgerated, and presents were packed away. Now to start planning my 21st!

Heh. That's not til a few years away I know, but it doen't mean I can't start planning from now...


  1. Oh WOW!! Oh WOW!!! That. IS. AWESOME. You go girl!!!! LOVING the vintage decor, entrance table, suitcase, baby shoes, crockery, lace, books, ribbon, guest book, GARLAND!!..OH my!!......THE CAKE!!! WOW....Love the photo booth!! but best of all, I LOVED (LOOOOVED) how much YOU loved planning and creating such a marvellous event!!! WELL DONE Grace! I SOOO get how GOOD it is planning every detail of something so special!! You pulled it off brilliantly! Well done. Start on that 21st now!!!! Love Mrs Hoggie. XXX

  2. Absolutely stunning! Great work, you're very talented.

  3. Hey Grace! Looks like the party was awesome. The decorations look great, love the theme. SOrry we missed it.
    - Ciao, Tanya.