Saturday, 9 March 2013


You may have noticed a few changes here on the blog recently so thought I'd take a few minutes and point them out in detail.

#1 and most importantly. All my photos now have a Pin It button! Pinning your favourite recipes has never been easier. Simply hover over the photo and click the Pinterest button in the centre to pin. Fancy hey?

#2. On the righthand sidebar you'll see a Pinterest button. Click that and you'll be taken straight to all my pins already on Pinterest, for easy viewing! Warning: looking may lead to wanting. Wanting may lead to baking, and baking may lead to weight gain. Beware.

#3. I've added a page to my sidebar. I've been featured! is a collection of the blogs where I've been featured on. While there, do check out the other recipes posted there. Each and every one of them is amazing and I am forever wishing I could try them all out.

#4. I've finally semi-updated my recipe box page. It's nothing fancy at the moment but at least it'll help you find my recipes a little easier. I'm hoping to get a visual recipe index up there at some stage too.

This, folks, is where I need your input. Is there anything that's missing on my blog? Is there anything you'd like to see added ...or removed? Anything I can do to improve? Any comments would be helpful - positive or negative.

Also: how on earth do I go about putting a visual recipe index on my blog? I've seen them everywhere (best.invention.ever.) but can't for the life of me figure out how to do one. I've searched Google until I've run out of pages to scroll through, emailed blog owners, consulted others... but nothing. Can any of you kindhearted people out there help me in any way?

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